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Woodland work for the Earthhouse

 This amazing long summer of sunshine has us out continuing the work in the woodland. We are currently hand clearing a 4 acre section of the woodland of mostly Larch which came down in storms before we moved to Ivywood.

So, lots of chain sawing and dragging out tree trunks with the help of our old tractor. It feels like an absolute privilege to be building our new teaching space and clinical practice on the land, ourselves, from our own timber. Creating a healing space built with our own hands and with love.
A recent discovery of an abundance of stone on the land reminds us how much this land continues to provide us with everything we could desire.  Our foundations are going in and then erecting the timber frame skeletal structure of the building can begin. It’s all go!  We’ll keep you posted on its progress and when we will be ready to welcome herbalists and the public here to the Ivywood woodland for courses on herbal medicine and more!