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Our Story


Our Story

Marina and Ross have been growing medicinal plants, harvesting, drying and making herbal medicine preparations for over 15 years. They spent the last 10 years teaching both the public, students and other herbal practitioners from their old farm in Co. Sligo. They feel that educating others about the benefits of herbal medicine is an integral part of their role as a herbalists.

Ross and Marina set up Irish Herb Dispensary at their farm in Co. Sligo. This was the first herbal tincturing company in Ireland. At the dispensary they grew and processed over 80 different species of medicinal the plants from their herb farm into tinctures, vinegars, oils and glycerites. Irish Herb Dispensary supplied herbalists across Ireland with Irish grown herbs with the aim to create a sustainable future for herbal medicine production in Ireland.
Together Ross and Marina run a specialist medicinal herb nursery where they grow over 200 species of medicinal plants from around the world. This includes native Irish plants to exotic species of endangered medicinal plants. The nursery operates as a source garden so that everyone can have access to hard-to-find medicinal herbs.

They have now relocated their plants and young family to Co. Clare, where they are re-establishing their training centre, clinical practice, and nursery as Ivywood. If you would like to follow the progress check out Our Venue page.

Marina’s expertise as a herbalist and herb grower has been called on for appearances on television programmes for RTÉ, BBC Northern Ireland and TG4 and has featured in many articles. She still engages in teaching at centres around Ireland. She will be back teaching herbal medicine and nutrition courses from Ivywood and in clinical practice in 2021.

By combining his lifelong passion for growing functional plants with his herbal qualification and founding the first tincture company in the country. Ross now continues his work in herbal medicine product development with companies in Ireland and abroad. He has extensive experience with start-up businesses focusing on the natural product and herbal extracts industries. With his skills in horticulture, GACP, GMP and HACCP, Ross offers consultation services for farmers, wild crafting collectors and product developers.