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We will be returning to clinical practice in June 2023.

At Ivywood Apothecary we grow and produce the majority of the herbal medicines we use for our patients. We produce high quality medicines form our plants as we believe in running our clinical practice as sustainably as possible.  Our practice combines herbal medicine, naturopathy and nutritional therapy. We offer a large range of tests from Genova Diagnostics. As qualified phlebotomists blood samples for tests can be taken if needed as part of consultations. Through our clinical experience we found the use of medicinal mushrooms invaluable alongside herbal medicnes and nutrition. We now supply other healthcare professionals and the public with the MycoNutri range of medicinal mushrooms via our online shop.

Sharing knowledge to help empower other towards better health is key to our clinical practice. We teach courses to the public on herbal medicine and nutrition. Check out our events page for more information on our courses.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Plant medicines have been used by people for centuries to heal the body, bring wellbeing and restore balance. Modern herbal medicine has evolved into a professional practice with many highly qualified herbalists providing safe and effective treatments for a huge range of conditions. Today, science has well documented research papers which back up the uses of medicinal plants and there is a greater understanding of the interactions that pharmaceutical medication has with herbal medicine. Herbal medicine has seen a great revival over the past decade where people and communities are re-educating themselves in the use of native and wild harvested medicinal plants. This has allowed people to take responsibility for their own health and to give them safer and more cost-effective treatments than what may have been previously offered.

Herbal medicine comes in many forms and there are many ways of extracting the phytochemicals from the plant. The most common method of preserving the medicinal properties is by using alcohol which is called a tincture. A tincture is made by adding alcohol at a specific strength and amount for the particular phytochemicals you want to extract. It sounds complicated but it is something you can easily do at home with some very basic equipment. Other methods include decocting or infusing to make a cup of tea form the dried or fresh herbs.  By picking the specific part of a plant at its optimal time for harvest you will receive the greatest benefit as the plant will have put all its healing energy in that part of the plant. Understanding and learning when is the best time to harvest your plants for medicinal use is explained on the courses we teach. Using plant as medicine is a very safe and effective way to treat many conditions.