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Our Herb Nursery


Our Herb Nursery

Ivywood Botanicals is a medicinal plant nursery based in Tulla, Co. Clare, Ireland which specialises in medicinal plants from around the world. It is owned and ran by Herbalists Ross Hennessy and Marina Kesso. We relocated the nursery from Co. Sligo, formerly called Bareroot Botanicals.
Please note our herb nursery is only open to visitors on open days and course days.
 Our plants are grown without the use of any artificial fertilisers or agri-chemicals. We have always followed organic and biodynamic methods as our plants are grown to be used as medicines. We sell 200 species of medicinal plants to the public. Plants are sold online via our shop and sent out via courier. See our shipping for more details on this. The plants are generally sent out after they have reemerged from their winter dormancy in April. The plant is carefully protected with straw and individually wrapped to keep moisture in the root ball. Your plants will be packed in the morning, collected and delivered by our selected courier within one to two days. You will receive tracking and shipping details once they have left Ivywood.  Please be sure you are home to receive your package. We have found that plants can survive about 7 days with this method, but we prefer not to put them under that much stress, so we do not send out orders on Thursday or Friday. This is because of the unlikely event that you miss the courier the plants may be sitting in a hot storage depot over the weekend.
When your package arrives:
We will notify you when we are about to ship your order and you will also receive notification when it is shipped and due for delivery. As soon as your box arrives open and check all contents, if any of the roots are dry you could immerse in water for 10 minutes, but we have found that plants will have enough moisture for about a week with our method of shipping. Its best to have your planting site prepared before your plants arrive, so you can plant them immediately into the ground. Dig the hole for your plant about 3 to 4 times wider that the root size so it will have nice loose soil that is weed free to settle into. If your soil is poor you could add some compost, seaweed powder or organic fertiliser to the loosened soil under where you are planting. Generally we find that medicinal plants do not require much feeding. After planting, water them for the first few days and for a week if there is no rain.  If you are going to grow your plants on in pots, have the pots and compost ready. We would recommend planting plants that were bought in 9cm pots into pots about 2 to 3 Litre in size so they will have plenty of room to grow. Plants purchased in 2 litre pots would do best planted in 3-5 litre pots, but if youre tight for space a 2 Litre pot will do. We recommend Living Green or Klassmann organic potting compost which most organic centres will stock and come in a peat free option.
Be kind to your roots!
Before we pack plants we tease out the roots of some large plants and remove some of the soil, most of you plants will come with a pot. This means that the plants are ready for planting when they arrive. Plants grow better when the roots have been loosened from its pot shape, if you plant your plant without loosening the root ball your roots may struggle to outgrow this shape. If you are growing plants for root harvesting this is very important.

If you would like to collect your order from the nursery please call or email us before placing your order so this can be arranged. Please note our herb nursery is only open to visitors on open days and course days.

To complement our herb nursery we teach courses to the public on growing medicinal plants and making remedies from your home grown plants. Check out our events page  for more information on our courses.