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Roundhouse Build


Roundhouse Build

Utilising the natural materials at Ivywood we chose to build a healing and calming space from our own resources. We began by debarking Larch trees that were already down due to storms. While the trees were down for over a year, they were still moving sap which made the debarking very easy during the spring months. With the timber for the frame prepared we began building the foundations and stem walls of the building from stone and lime mortar. We were lucky to find an abundance of stone next to the area where we were to build. Initially we thought a number of mounds were just soil but after clearing we realised that they were stone from old walls and old buildings on the land.

We are now erecting the timber frame and reciprocal roof. The walls will then be constructed from hempcrete and lime plaster. Large glass recycled windows will occupy with whole south side of the building and the centre of the reciprocal roof. The building is for our herbal medicine clinical practice and dispensary with a large circular room as a teaching space. The building is placed by our woodland, next to the river and nearby the ancient Hazel grove with views from the treatment room of the trees instilling healing and calm. Our medicinal plant gardens will surround the space.