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Agrimony - for removing the mask!

This is a plant I love to see in flower in the garden with its delicate slim stems that reach up from a base of feathery green foliage and end in a cluster of tiny yellow flowers which each blossom for only three days!  There are times I am very attracted to this plants energy and couldn’t be without this plant teacher.

Agrimony is a medicinal plant which we tincture for use in clinic. I find it useful as a urinary astringent in cases of incontinence or for loose watery stools, but it is even more interesting when employed energetically. As herbalists we combine plants in formulas to alleviate physical signs and symptoms, treat underlying causes of disease physiologically and to bring balance emotionally and energetically.

Traditionally Agrimony was always considered a highly protective herb. Bringing protection to one when grown in the garden or when worn as a charm. Specifically, it is used to protect one from any ill wishes from others!
Agrimony is well known as one of the Bach Flower remedies. I often add flower essences into herbal tinctures for their subtle effectiveness in shifting a negative state within someone. Agrimony is called upon when a particular nature is displayed in a person. This is seen as a joyful, cheeriness that is always put forward despite feelings of despair and stress underneath. These people wear a mask to hide their true feelings as they never wish to be seen to have any of their own troubles. They will always play these down or even deny their personal problems and work hard keeping themselves busy to avoid facing them. These bubbly life and souls of the party hide their flaws and find it hard to really open up to others. They are perfectionists when it comes to expectations of themselves and dislike showing what they consider are their weaknesses. When people begin working with Agrimony, they start showing their true emotions – good and bad!  Agrimony allows them to accept a more rounded version of themselves and their personality. In this way, It can be helpful to someone wishing to explore and connect with the darker aspects of their nature.
Throughout all our lives there are times we hide our true feelings about ourselves. Whether we work to recognise this privately or to others it is always beneficial to take time to look inward in acceptance. Next time you come across Agrimony and wonder why it calls to you bare this in mind.