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Plant Invocation & Attunement Days

Plant Invocation & Attunement Days

For this unique series of plant days, we welcome you deeper into the heart of Ivywood’s magic to explore some of our more beguiling plant allies: Aconite, Mandrake, Henbane, Yarrow, Black Cohosh, Tulsi, Motherwort, Belladonna, Datura, Mugwort, Agrimony, Bay Laurel, Rue.



Over the day we will enter communion with one of these mesmerising plants by attuning ourselves with the free flow of energy that is at all times open to us but has often been severed. Every plant calls us to pause to reconnect with that subtle current. They call us to attune our spirits and reawaken our truth.
The plants chosen for these days often beseech us to delve into aspects of our shadow selves. Opening oneself up to plant Spirits and the Spirit of the woodland brings gifts of wisdom, innate awareness, and personal guidance. They offer us an opportunity to make deep inner shifts by attuning ourselves to their resonance.

The day begins with our opening circle and tea ritual to clear and ground us and for you to set intentions for your journey ahead. We will venture through the trees into the woodland to our ceremonial fire to ‘meet’ the plants. During our invocation and guided meditation here with the plants you are given the chance to step into communication.
During the day we will engage in the mindful act of observation and exploration of the plant through drawing. This very grounding and meditative practice allows you to connect into the essence of the plant often producing beautiful visions and a deeper sense of the messages gifted from the plants guidance.

We will end the day exploring the mystery, folklore and stories that surrounds these fascinating plants history with humans. We will make either a remedy or a talisman for you to take home to continue your journey with the plant. Each person also takes home the plant they spent the day with.
Please note that on each one-day course we are working with the energies and magic of one plant ie: Attunement with Aconite Day; Yarrow and You Day.


All day courses include a vegetarian lunch and tea/ coffee and snacks. Our medicinal plant nursery is open with plants to purchase during all courses ran at Ivywood. Course attendees are welcome to avail of short walks in the Ivywood woodland during lunch and tea breaks. Please note this course is for over 16's. Children may NOT accompany course attendees.

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