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Myconutri Mushroom Nutrition


Mesima organic (Phellinus linteus)

Myconutri Organic Mesima capsules
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Product Info
Details:   Myconutri Mesima is our most popular medicinal mushroom. It is a combination of a concentrated hot water extract of Mesima and mycelial biomass, containing proteoglycans and related polysaccharides >30%. It also contains a full range of terpenes, flavonols and other secondary metabolites produced by the mushroom. Each 500mg capsule contains 50% Organic Phellinus linteus extract and 50% Organic Phellinus linteus mycelial biomass. Free from dairy, gluten, corn, soya and GMO’s. This product is vegan and vegetarian.
Quantity:   60 x 500mg vegetarian capsules or 200g powder
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