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Practitioner Practical Herbal Growing And Medicine Making for Clinical Practice Course


Event Details
Speaker:   Ross Hennessy and Marina Kesso
Time:   2 Days 10am - 4:30pm
Participants:   10 participants

This 2 day intense course is for herbal medicine practitioners wishing to gain more in depth knowledge of growing and harvesting specific plants for making medicines for their clinical practice. The days are practical where will be doing hands on learning.
Participants will learn how to make a range of herbal preparations specific to medical conditions which they could dispense to patients in their clinical practice. All the remedies are made from freshly harvested plants from the garden. Throughout the 2 days medicinal properties and phytochemical content of a wide range of plants will be discussed.

Over the two days practitioners and herbal medicine students will:

•    Learn plant identification and get familiar with living plants.
•    Get the opportunity to see over 140 species of medicinal herbs.
•    See spacing and size of mature plants for consideration of setting up a herb garden.
•    Learn what herbs would be easy to grow for your garden environment.
•    Discussion of practical aspects of growing in polytunnels.
•    Discussion on different types of potting compost available and the benefits.
•    Gain an understanding of the quantity of plant material needed to grow to make your own remedies for clinical practice.
•    Go away able to make creams, glycerites, ointments etc for future patients for a range of specific conditions.
•    Have the ability to adapt formulae of remedy recipes to suit specific plants and specific medical conditions.
•    Learn about the properties of the ingredients for all the remedies made - for example choosing the right oils, waxes and butters for medicinal cream and ointment making.
•    Learn where to source ingredients and sundries for making medicines.
•    Have an opportunity to ask questions about any of the herbs grown from experienced growers.
•    An opportunity for revision of phyochemicals of the plants and therapeutics.
•    Avail of a 20% discount off plants bought form the nursery on the day.

Participants will take home sown seeds, spit and transplanted plants they have worked on plus a range of remedies they have made for their clinical practice over the 2 days. This is an ideal course for any Herbalist wishing to be more self-sufficient in their practice.

All day courses include a vegetarian lunch and tea/ coffee and snacks. Our medicinal plant nursery is open with plants to purchase during all courses ran at Ivywood. Course attendees are welcome to avail of short walks in the Ivywood woodland during lunch and tea breaks.

€ 400.00