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Natural Care for Toddlers and Children


Event Details
Speaker:   Marina Kesso
Date:   To be announced
Time:   10am - 4:30pm
Participants:   15 participants

This 1 day workshop teaches you natural healthcare for your child and how to make simple natural and herbal remedies for common ailments in babies and children. We will look at a number of conditions from colic to recurring chest infections and earaches. You will be introduced to herbs for these conditions and easy to make home     remedies from  herbs and kitchen ingredients. We will also discuss how to incorporate immune boosting foods and herbs into your child's diet for better health. There will be tastings and recipes to take home.  This talk is ideal for parents and carers of young children and expecting mothers interested in natural healthcare.

What you will learn:
•    Natural care and simple remedies for a range of common ailments in children
•    How to incorporate immune boosting foods into your child’s diet
•    Foods as medicine – how best to utilise everyday kitchen ingredients as remedies
•    Recognising more serious illness in children – red flags and when to get help

What you will experience:
•    Demonstration of how to make simple home remedies for ailments
•    Tasters of remedies made
•    Herb walk in the Ivywood gardens to meet the most useful plants for children’s conditions

What you will take home:
•    Recipe handout of range of easy to make remedies

All day courses include a vegetarian lunch and tea/ coffee and snacks. Our medicinal plant nursery is open with plants to purchase during all courses ran at Ivywood. Course attendees are welcome to avail of short walks in the Ivywood woodland during lunch and tea breaks.



€ 65.00