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Inula Root Harvest and Respiratory Syrup Recipe

Elecampane Root Recipe

It has been lovely taking up roots over the last weeks. Even though root harvesting is messy and takes more preparation before processing than plant material, I find it very exciting unearthing roots for medicine.

Inula helenium (Elecampagne) has gained a lot of popularity over the last year as it is an excellent respiratory herb. It is a very large plant with thick stalks, broad leaves and bright yellow flowers that are easily recognisable as Asteraceae family.

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Harvesting Comfrey Roots

Harvesting Comfrey Root

We have been digging up various roots at Ivywood these last few weeks for drying, tincturing, and oil and vinegar making.
Comfrey is one of the roots we harvest every year. We decided to uproot some comfrey from a patch we planted 2 years ago, and we were surprised to find some of the root unusable. In general, herbal roots are harvested from early winter to early Spring.

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Hawthorns in Blossom

Hawthorn flowers

Hawthorns in Blossom

For anyone that has taken rest in the shady embrace of a Hawthorn in blossom, the sense of entering a world of magic is undeniable. May has always been a time of abundance and transformation for us. Each year as we witness the Hawthorns burst into blossom across Ireland it brings a surge of energy that washes through the heart like a revitalising wave. The heart flourishes as it opens in lightness and Summer is heralded.

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