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Womens Health - Bacterial Vaginosis

A condition that is likely to occur in every woman over the course of their life is bacterial vaginosis. Many women have never even heard of this condition but live with the symptoms for years unaware of the simple things they can do to help themselves.  We have a very delicately balanced mix of bacteria living in the vaginal area.

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Lymphatic Skin Brushing

Why we all should be doing it!

If poor circulation, dry skin, cellulite, fluid retention, low immunity or recurring swollen glands are an issue lymphatic skin brushing is for you!
Our lymphatic system is like our drainage system.

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Hawthorn Flower Harvest

This weekend was the start of our Hawthorn flower harvest. This is my absolute FAVOURITE flower harvest of the year. We are fortunate to have some very old Hawthorn trees in our back field that we harvest from.

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Here Comes The Queen!

Every year there is one herb in the garden that really makes itself known. One type of plant that will be in abundance and seem more striking than ever. As herbalists and plant growers when we see this it's clear to us we need to stop and take notice.

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Recently I was chatting to a lovely Mammy of three who told me she only just heard of Arnica and she couldn't believe she had never come across it before. So I thought I would repost this bit of info on this wonderful healing plant.. a must have for any parents first aid kit!

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