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Herbs for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are more common than you think! They can be brought on by psychological stress, general anxiety, adrenal hyperfunction, thyroid abnormalities and as a side effect of some medications. The severity of attacks and symptoms vary from person to person.

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September Calendula Flower Harvest

Calendula officinalis known as Marigold is one of the most useful medicinal plants that anyone can have growing in their garden. This easily grown cottage garden annual gives continual blossoms well into Autumn. This year we are about a month behind in all plant growth so we are still harvesting Calendula flower heads every week and will be well into October.

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No More... Mr. Cold Sore!

Make your own Lemon Balm herbal lip salve for that winter cold sore. No need to suffer from recurrirng cold sores when making a few simple steps towards better health can minimise your symptoms and possibly rid yourself of this annoyance.  
Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) is a wonderful plant containing anti viral essential oils useful in the treatment of cold sores.

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Chamomile Glycerite

The lovely Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) is a very underestimated herb. It may be well know in tea bag form for calming you for sleep but it has SO MANY more uses. This makes it an absolute winner to grow in your garden to have to hand for making simple remedies, to dry or to use fresh throughout summer months in your own tea blends.

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Womens Health - Bacterial Vaginosis

A condition that is likely to occur in every woman over the course of their life is bacterial vaginosis. Many women have never even heard of this condition but live with the symptoms for years unaware of the simple things they can do to help themselves.  We have a very delicately balanced mix of bacteria living in the vaginal area.

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