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Distilling Pine For Hydrosol

copper alembic still

 Been having great fun in the woodland with the kids these last weeks. A large branch of one of the Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) came off in winds and lodged itself in some lower trees. Not wanting to waste this we decided to make pine hydrosol using chopped up one needles and twigs.

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The yellow flowers in full blossom are signalling us to pay attention to our liver energy and work on liver clearing. And look who is here to give us a helping hand - the mighty Dandelion, Taraxacum officinale or  Tarax  as us herbalists lovingly call it.
Whenever I think of Dandelion I think of my nephew and remember him as a baby (he's now 18 yrs old!) crawling around my Mum's garden picking Dandelion and munching them down.

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Herbs For Adrenal Exhaustion

One of the most common things I see in clinic is adrenal fatigue. Many people are unaware that their adrenals need attention and they continue to push themselves until symptoms worsen. Here are some typical signs and symptoms: fatigue that is constant, weakness, lack of motivation, fainting or dizzy spells, low blood pressure, mood swings,

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Lichens Planus

Lichens planus is a very common inflammatory skin condition that affects mucousal areas like the inside of the mouth and also other parts of the body especially the genital areas. The skin is usually red and inflamed with lesions. These can be shiney red, whitish or brown patches, thickening of the skin or flat lesions that resemble some forms of lichen hence the name; Lichens planus - planus meaning flat.

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