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Making Our First Herbal Oils of the Year

This time of the year as things swing back into action with the growing season we always turn our attention to herbal medicine making for clinical practice using the plants from our garden, and this year our woodland too, to produce oils, glycerites, vinegars, tinctures and more!  We make our herbal oils fresh every year using numerous wild and cultivated plants.

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Beech Leaf & Nettle Leaf Crisps

  Mmmmm! Think I have a new obsession! Years ago I would have experimented with making kale crisps but I must say they never tasted as good as Beech leaf or Nettle crisps. You can try making this simple snack from most edible wild leaves

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Planting in Aconite

These little beauties are Monkshood (Aconitum napellus). We’re planting these young Aconite’s into nursery beds where they will remain for the next year. Many people will be familiar with Aconite as a Homeopathic remedy but not many people, including our Homeopath friends, recognise the plant.

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